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Clara Tsao

Philips Hue Redesign

This is a personal project focusing on improving the user experience of the Philips Hue app, and find out the true pain point users have when they are using the philips light products with AR technology.

cover image of philips hue redesign app

Project Overview

The light bulb has been invented for more than 100 years, but people nowadays still find it difficult to buy the right light. 50% of the people feel frustrated about their lighting, and 73% people have at least one spare light at home.

This project focuses on proposing an AR app to assist users to better envision the lighting effect in their space in order to select the right product.

My Responsibilities

Date - April 2021 – June 2021 (2 months)
Team - personal work
Role - Product Design, Interaction Design, User Research

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
3Ds Max + Vray
Lo-fi to hi-fi wireframe sketches on figma

Flow Chart

Lo-fi to hi-fi wireframe sketches on figma

Information Architecture

Lo-fi to hi-fi wireframe sketches on figma

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